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  Trinity Appaloosa Farm


We offer a wide range of services here at Trinity Appaloosa Farm. See below to find out all the things we offer!


We offer lessons to suit just about anyone! We take riders from age 5 on up to senior citizens. Trinity Appaloosa Farms has many gentle, sane horses that are perfect for beginning or timid riders and we also have more showy horses for advanced equestrians. We can offer lessons in many disciplines including English and Western equitation, gymkana, basic dressage and more! We teach our riders how to work off of their seat and legs and not hang on the horse's mouth for balance. We emphasize proper balance and posture and give clear instruction on how to best communicate with each horse. We can give lessons on our own horses, or you can bring yours. Prices start at $35 per hour and we also offer 1/2 hour lessons for $25. We offer therapeutic riding and horse handling as well, don't be afraid to inquire!


We are currently offering pasture boarding for non-aggressive horses. We have a easy-going herd of about twelve horses on a huge grass pasture. The pasture is also supplemented with free-feed haybales and the horses are given a pelleted feed once per day. There is a shed for shelter and in heavy storms, horses are brought into the barn. As we are currently pasture board only, we cannot take stallions at this time. See more information on our Boarding page.

$220 per month pasture board.


Leasing a horse to ride or breed is a lot less of a financial strain than committing to purchase one. We offer riding and breeding leases for our accomplished mares. We have several fine horses with show and trail experience that are available for riding lease, including horses suitable for beginners and advanced riders. We also offer breeding leases on our fine mares, including those with National and Res National titles! See more on our Leasing page.

Prices start at $200 per month

Kindergarten Training

For horses from the ages of 6 months to 3 years, we are offering Kindergarten training. Our Kindergarten program includes teaching the young horses to properly lead, load, lunge, be clipped and bathed and have their feet handled. For horses aged 1-3 years, we will also do ground driving. See more information on our Training page.

$320 per month includes pasture board and feed.

Saddle Training

For horses over the age 3 yrs, we offer saddle training. Horses are started from the ground up properly and no steps are skipped, making a safer, sounder horse the finished product. All of our horses are taught to yield to leg and seat pressure as well as follow voice cues. We do not spur-stop or practice overcorrection methods. We also offer retraining for older horses that have been incorrectly handled or not ridden for long periods of time. See more information on our Training page.

$600 a month, for a minimum of sixty days.


Tracy Meisenbach is an experienced all-breed horse show judge who has competed successfully in many events including: reining, eventing, gymkana, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, jumping, halter and more! She is certified through NCSU and carded with the World Class Miniature Horse Registry Inc and Open Horse Show Association (OHSA) and has judged both breed and open shows. She enjoys working with youth exhibitors and stresses safety and sportsmanship in all classes. See more information on our Judging page!

Call or email for pricing and to book


Need a horse for your photoshoot? We can provide beautiful, well-mannered and safe horses for you to use! We have a range of ages, sizes, colours and breeds available and can provide appropriate tack and grooming to fit your desired look. We welcome clothing designers, art students, cosplayers and all others to come and use our horses for their photo projects! We also can provide horses to model for tack, supplies and other horse products. Along with horses, we have access to hundreds of scenic locations on our own property and elsewhere that we have permissions. See more information on our Photoshoot page!
Prices start at $50 an hour