Horse Modeling Services offered at
Trinity Appaloosa Farm


Need a horse for a photoshoot or event? Trinity Appaloosa Farms has well-mannered horses of many sizes, ages, colours and type that are available for use!

We can provide groomed, tacked horses for wedding photos, senior pictures, cosplay photoshoots, clothing or tack modeling and more! We have two farms with several beautiful picture locations each including: a scenic pond, patches of forest, large meadows, a graveyard, two types of wood fencing and more.

All people to be interacting with the horses must sign a waiver, and Trinity Appaloosa Farm is not responsible for damage to persons, costumes or other possessions.

Our rates start at $25 an hour for up to two horses, including the providing of tack and grooming. If you wish for us to haul to another location or the use of more than two horses, prices will be altered to suit.

We will make special exceptions for certain charities.

Email us to inquire!