Breeding at
  Trinity Appaloosa Farm

Being a breeding farm, Trinity Appaloosa Farm's largest concern is the production of quality, correct, talented foals. We pride ourselves on our 40 year program, which consistently produces stellar quality horses with conformation, intelligence and color. Our program is very strict, breeding only horses with no genetic or conformational problems and avoiding inbreeding.

Our stallions prove themselves as performance horses before they are bred, making sure that they have what it takes to be a sire. All of our stallions have competed successfully and with versatility in events. Continue reading to get information on our stallions, see our breeding policies and breeding discounts and to see our planned inhouse breedings for the next year!

Outside Breeding

Interested in breeding to one of our boys? Great! Read about our standing stallions and decide which is the best for you! Be sure to visit their pages and see all the information available on each!

Once you've done that, read below about our policies and if your mare qualifies for any discounts!

Colida SkipNTwist

1995 Grulla Blanketed Stallion.
Tested Negative across the board for the 5-panel by Animal Genetics
Tested Negative for Cream, Champagne, Silver, Grey, Agouti and Pearl.
World Qualifier and ACAAP Top Ten (#4).
Twister is no longer standing to the public, if you wish to be notified when a foal of his is for sale, please email us and we can add you to a waiting list.

Heza Docolida

2007 Snowcap Stallion.
Tested Negative across the board on the 5-panel test by Animal Genetics
Homozygous for LP (Appaloosa Patterning).
Tested Negative for Agouti.
2016 SpBS Summer Show Supreme Champion
2017 ASHDA Grand Champion AC Horse
2017 ASHDA Champion Western Performance AC Horse
2017 ASHDA Dressage Maestro
2017 ACAAP Top 10 in Dressage
NAWD Star Awarded in 2017
2019 Stud Fee: $600

R Secrets R Gold Dun

2013 red dun blanket Stallion.
Tested Negative across the board on the 5-panel test by Animal Genetics
ApHC Bronze Medallion Winner with 50+ ApHC Points.
2019 Stud Fee: $450

Breeding Policies

We have several breeding policies in place here at Trinity Appaloosa Farms. To bring your mare for breeding, please make sure she meets these criteria:
  • A current negative coggins.
  • Has been tested negative for any relevant genetic defects. (A Negative 5-panel for stock horses, negative PSSM1 for drafts etc)
  • Up to date on vaccinations and deworming.
  • In good weight, is not too thin or immensely overweight.
  • A clean uterine culture has been performed.
  • She is otherwise not ill or injured.
We will only breed mares that are healthy and clean, to protect our own horses and those of clients. These requirements are very firm, but in the cases where the problem can be fixed with proper care and/or necessary treatments, you are free to contact us again!

Mare care for the average mare is $10 per day base price and covers the usual board. To save some money in board, monitor your mare's heat cycles and try to have her brought to the stallion when you are sure she is ready to breed. You can also looking into our monthly boarding rates for stall or pasture board if your mare needs to stay long term.

Mares with foals, mares who need hormone therapy and mares that must be administered medicines or supplements will be charged accordingly. Overly aggressive and difficult to handle mares may also be charged a higher rate, or even asked to leave.

We currently offer Live Cover, and will ship chilled semen!

Shipped Semen

We have recently begun offering shipped, chilled semen, which is the Live Cover fee plus $100 to cover collecting.

We have NO other additional fees, besides the shipping itself, which is the responsibility of the buyer.
Shipping for the container to and from, through FedEx, is at the expense of the buyer.
Have more questions? Please email us!


Everyone likes getting a discount, and we like giving them! We are offering the following discounts, which can be added together if your mare qualifies:

Multiple Registrations. If your mare can produce a foal eligible for multiple registries, we will discount accordingly!

Show Record. If your mare has a prestigious show record with year-end awards, national/world/regional titles or such, we will adjust our stud fees to reflect the effort you've put into your mares!

We offer multiple mare discounts.

These discounts apply to all of our stallions and can be used multiple times if you have more than one mare who qualifies.

Planned Breedings

Looking for your next horse? It could be born in 2019! These are the breedings currently planned for this year! Unless otherwise specified, the foals will be owned by Trinity Appaloosa Farm and may be available for sale in utero. List will be updated as mares are confirmed in foal.

Colida SkipNTwist x GS Goers Mystique

Heza Docolida x Luking to be Dun

Heza Docolida x Colida Skip to Glory

Sugarbush Harley's Classic O x Stonewall Virginia

Some foals may be available in utero, if you are interested please let us know via call or e-mail.

If you wish to added to a notification or waiting list in regards to a future Trinity Appaloosa foal, let us know via email -