Boarding at
  Trinity Appaloosa Farm



Trinity Appaloosa Farm is currently offering pasture board for mares and geldings. Our fifteen acre pasture is lush with grass, with plenty of shade trees and open space for play and grazing. Our grass pasture is supplemented by round bales and has a spring-fed pond allowing fresh water in addition to water troughs. Our pasture is protected by a guardian donkey, ensuring dogs, hunters, and other potential threats steer clear of the horses!

There is access to several miles of trails near by, and several shows and other horse-related events take place within a 50 mile radius of our facility. Boarders are allowed use of our arenas, round pen, wash racks and stocks, so long as they are not disrupting training or lessons. Board horses are wormed, vaccinated and receive farrier services on schedule with our own stock. If you wish to use your own vet or farrier, their visits must be arranged according to our schedule. Trinity Appaloosa Farm uses Jim Lay Farrier Services and Cherrystone Veterinary Hospital for our own stock and gladly recommend them.

We feed a high quality mix of pelleted feed and whole oats as well top quality hay. If another feed is to be used, the difference in price is added to the board. Supplements and medications are the financial responsibility of the owner and extra made be charged for their application.

If you wish your horse to be kept in shape, but cannot come to ride it as often as you'd like, the staff here are happy to keep your horse in condition with twice-weekly rides for an extra $100 per month. Horses with aggression issues, or who are prone to buck, rear, etc under saddle may be subject to higher charges. Our riders are well equipped to deal with most problems and will not teach your horses any bad habits. We pride ourselves on good equitation and no gimmicks. Trinity Appaloosa Farm's riders have done everything from dressage to barrel racing and ridden in everything from national competitions to local trail rides.

All farrier and veterinary fees are owner's responsibility. Negative coggins is required. Geldings and mares without foals only, herd aggressive horses are not permitted.

Call for pricing.