Training Services offered at
Trinity Appaloosa Farm


Saddle Training

For beginning horses aged 3 years old and up, Trinity Appaloosa Farm offers saddle training. Horses must complete kindergarten equivalent training before undertaking saddle training. This means horses must: lead, load, lunge, ground drive, and behave appropriately while doing so. Once horses have consistent in-hand and longe-line manners, they are started under saddle. We start our horses in a bosal, we do not start in snaffles or curbs. We teach horses to be soft mouthed and respond to leg and seat cues. Once horses have a solid foundation in the bosal, they are moved up to a snaffle, and eventually to a curb. We do not skip steps in training and do not use abusive training methods like rollkur, spur-stopping, head tying or bucking out. We also do not use gimmicky "mystical carrot stick" natural horsemanship training. Rates are $575 a month with a minimum of two months. Stallions and aggressive horses will require assessment and will be priced accordingly.

Kindergarten Training

For horses age 1 y/o and up, we offer kindergarten training. Young horses are taught to lead, load, lunge, ground drive, clip, stand (and be bathed/otherwise handled) in stocks, pony off another horse and various other skills required to have a well-rounded horse. While this is predominately used for young horses, equines of any age benefit from this training, including those already saddle trained that were skipped over these crucial handling steps. Rates are $300 a month, stallions and horses with severe aggression will be assessed and priced accordingly.


Sometimes circumstance requires a horse be taken back to basics and restarted the correct way. Trinity Appaloosa Farm offers retraining services for horses that have been started badly, mishandled, abused or that have developed vices or ill temperament. This can cover everything from simple consistent riding to complete start-overs. Horses in our retraining program will be treated as any other horse in for training, they must have consistent ground handling skills and work on a line, and ground drive. Pricing will be a case-by-case basis.

We require all of our clients to be upfront with any training or retraining programs they wish to enter. Any known aggressive behaviors, vices, previous injuries, major mishandling or abuse should be voiced before the horse is brought in. We will rarely turn an animal away, but knowing these things beforehand is crucial to our understanding of the horse and will alter how we approach handling it. Horses that are known to be herd aggressive and stallions of any age will have a higher fee to cover stall boarding. All horses require a negative coggins. Horses that exhibit HYPP, PSSM, GBED and/or HERDA or have a history of epilepsy or any other neurological issues are recommended to not enter the program and their training will be terminated without refund if they exhibit violent fits or other medical issues. All horses will bloodlines known to carry these issues should be tested beforehand and are preferred negative of symptoms. Horses will be assessed on a case-by-case basis if positive for any of these issues, and refusal is possible if we believe the horse incapable of handling the stress.