Shipping Services at
  Trinity Appaloosa Farm



General Hauling

The staff at Trinity Appaloosa Farms offers hauling in and between the states of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Maryland. We may haul outside of this area, email for details.

30+ years of safe hauling experience, we also have veterinary experience and can handle colicking or other stress induced problems. We can handle stallions, young horses, mares with foals, older horses, drafts, etc. That being said, horses that exhibit destructive or aggressive behavior are not permitted.

Pricing varies depending on distance, horses are required to have a negative coggins and a health certificate- if you are booking out of state hauling.

We can also haul a horse's tack and other supplies and equipment (within reason) for no extra charge.

Aside from horses, we also have experience hauling other animals such as exotic cattle and pigs. We can handle most farm-type animals, call to get rates regarding non-horse livestock. We also have experience shipping pony carts, saddles and other bulky items.

Upcoming trips

We will be heading to Pennsylvania after the first of the year. We have four empty slots going up and will have no slots on the return. All horses require a negative coggins and health certificate. Call or email for pricing.